The mission of this treatment center, as part of RECOVERY FOLLOWERS, is to be the compassionate provider of opioid use disorder needs in the United States.  We believe in the disease concept of addictive illness and will treat our patients with compassion, dignity and respect, no matter the phase of recovery they are in. Because of this belief we will focus our clinical practice(s) in terms of disease management and strive always to improve the quality of the lives of the patients we serve. We commit ourselves to always include all current research findings in our delivery of services for the benefit of our clients, their families, and the communities that we serve.  In conjunction with those that we serve, we commit to be a resource to the communities we serve by helping to educate the public on the disease concept of addiction and advocating at all times the value of treatment in improving the welfare of our communities.  Our staff will at all times keep our mission statement as the guiding principle in their work.

Supportive Friend

o· pi· oid  dis· or· der

Recovery Followers subscribes to the definition of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) is based on the American Psychiatric Association DSM-5 and includes a desire to obtain and take opioids despite social and professional consequences. OUD is the chronic use of opioids that causes clinically significant distress or impairment. This chronic obsession and compulsive habit of use is often characterized by a myriad of problems or manifestations that include increased incidences of hospitalization, medical problems, arrests, increased involvement with the criminal justice system, loss of friends or negative changes in family and interpersonal relationships, inability to maintain employment, increased financial problems, acting out through anti-social behavior and at a more personal level, loss of self-esteem, self-confidence, and a decreased sense of personal responsibility. The Recovery Follower's treatment program focuses exclusively on those patients with a disorder of uncontrollable use to opiates/opioids and attempts to help them achieve a life without opioid use and experience recovery from opiate addiction.





We believe that treatment services should be delivered in a way that our  patients will be treated with compassion, dignity and respect, no matter the phase of recovery they are in. Each patient shall receive relevant, intentional care to the diversity of our patient population.  


We believe that treatment and recovery are very personal experiences with distinct physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components that may differ significantly from patient to patient.  


We believe that each patient has a right to be fully and completely informed about the services we provide and our approach to treatment. 


We believe that each patient brings unique life experiences to the treatment environment and plays a vital role in treatment planning, service delivery and discharge/transition planning.  Additionally, we are convinced that substance use disorder is a family disease and is best treated within that context.

Recovery Followers understands that this means we may at moments have the privilege and honor of treating multi-family generational perspectives. Therefore, we encourage and support, through fully informed patient consent, the involvement of family members and/or significant others in educational programs offered by the organization and, in actual counseling sessions and treatment activities.  Finally, we recognize our moral and ethical responsibility to provide the highest quality treatment services that hold the greatest promise of successful outcomes for our patients