Opioid Use
Disorder Treatment

Opioid Use Disorder Treatment involves medication-assisted treatment and clinical therapy.  This has become a major pathway to recovery for people struggling with opioid use and abuse.  By reducing a person’s withdrawal symptoms, medication (methadone or buprenorphine/suboxone) enables users to experience a more gradual detox process and reduce risk of relapse.

Overcoming addiction is not an easy process. At any stage of recovery - whether you’ve just made the decision to get help, you’ve been working your program for a few months, or you’ve been sober for a year - it’s easy to feel alone. 


At each Recovery Followers’ Location our addiction treatment program seeks to prove to you that you’re not. This is why we encourage participation in group counseling services, allowing you to listen, learn from, and share with others who understand the struggles of addiction and treatment. We offer a variety of groups to help our patients lead productive lives, free from substance abuse.


- Individual Therapy /Counseling 

- Group Therapy/Counseling

- Family Therapy/Counseling

- Medication-Assisted Treatment Services

- Medical Services

- Community Education about Opioid Use Disorder

- DWI Services (location specific)

- Office Based Opioid Treatment Services/OBOT (location specific)

- Financial Literacy Classes (location specific)

Treatment is free for Medicaid clients. Self-pay clients will be provided our fee structure.


When you arrive at our clinics, you will check in for dosing. The front desk will collect any payment that is due and may alert you if you have a random urine drug screen due before dosing. All Methadone medication will be administered by a nurse.


To begin Methadone treatment through Recovery Followers, you must complete our INTAKE PROCESS. This includes our initial clinical and medical triage followed by a clinical assessment to determine if Medication Assisted Treatment is right for you. During this process, our staff will gather information on your physical and psychosocial health, as well as drug use history.  This screening is mandatory for every patient, including people who are transferring into our program. Your medication dosage will be determined by a staff physician based on your history and physical condition.



Recovery Followers believe in the disease concept of addiction. We believe that addiction is a disease that affects every part of the person that struggles with the disease. It affects the mind, body, soul, family and friends, work and progression, personal finances, and all other areas of a person’s life. Recovery Followers embrace the premise of treating the whole-person. We focus on combining medication-assisted services with clinical/ counseling treatment to combat opioid use disorders. With long-term recovery as the goal, the initial step is committing to giving treatment a try. 



Our Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) program structure includes treating each clients’ physical symptoms that reveal their struggle with opioid use disorder. We succeed as a treatment program by eradicating cravings and severe withdrawal symptoms. Prescribed by our Medical Physicians, medications like methadone and buprenorphine have been proven to be effective for those committed to long-term treatment against the wows of addiction. These medications are not a cure or a magic potion, but they assist with the physical battle that the body goes through. As mentioned before, in order for treatment to be effective, each client will be required to participate in individual and group counseling. Both focus on identifying and addressing each area of a person’s life who’s fighting to live their life without the war of physical and cognitive addiction.